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. roy halladay against against the birds and he will be opposed by brian matusz. he is up to the task in his second major league start. the ace of the league and the young phenom matching up on masn. >> jim: it's orioles baseball from masn from the roger centre in toronto. it's the you can remember game of the three-game series as the orioles square off against the toronto blue jays. hi, everybody. i'm jim hunter, thanks for joining us. this weekend, two of the young orioles starters faced adversity and both passed their recent tests. jason berken allowed back-to- back home runs in the 2nd inning to vernon wells and alex rios and quickly trailed in the game 2-0 but berken would adjust. he went six strong innings. early on, chris tillman had trouble getting loose. he felt behind early. it was two-run home run by alex rios that put the jays ahead but till mapp would not allow another run. he pitched into the 7th and took home a very tough luck no decision. joined now by buck martinez, watching these youngsters go to the mound, what we are learning is how they handling adversity. >> buck
's --  >> jim: back at the yard, l any other roomy season, brian matusz throwing as many innings as any rookie in the career. we have heard words like drain and fatigue early in the outing. the club is going to pay attention to the demeanor on the mound. they may pull him 5th or 6th inning at the max, not wanting him in the 7th or 8th, but, jim and buck, it is a tough decision to make, because you want to teach them to go into the 7th or 8th inning. >> jim: all right, thanks, amber, very much. here is andy marte leading off. >> buck: yes. you don't want a pitcher going into a season worn out of hurt. that is the thing with the orioles, the first time he pitched since september. but you need to change the mcs. if somebody is -- mechanics. if somebody is dropping their arm, could suggest fatigue, pain and soreness. that is something you really watch for. you don't want them going out there and laboring when they are retired, but the coach is trying to impress upon them, cut down the number of pitches you are throw. if you do that, you will be able to pitch into later in the game. >> jim: with ma
malt 7 outstand -- brian matusz 7 outstanding innings, now johnson here in the #th. 2-2. wednesday he got him.   update on the player of the day. felix pie getting the fan club going. he has the lead. still have time to text in your vote. we will have the results on the post game. >> you start hitting home runs and fans notice you. it is impressive. >> buck: he has really swung the bat well and taken full advantage of his increased opportunities of late. >> jim: 1-1 as johnson try to close it out to earn his 7th save. 2-outs, nonnone on in the 9th inning. and does he check in time? and valbuena has struck out twice and slide out. and into first. top hop for aubrey. picked up a flip and the ball game is over. so the orioles bounced back after a tough loss last night. all throughout the rain and the orioles win it today to split this series with the indians, 2- 2. and brian matusz, outstanding to get the win, as jim johnson comes on to earn the save. final score, orioles 5, the indians 2! @@pp  >> jim: we are back here. we will come back, take a look at
and talk to brian matusz. >> you look at quinlan he reminds me of mickey hatcher. they both choke up. mickey played 12 years. in the press room was broadcasting with the twins when mickey painted himself green and didn't realize your skin was green. that's a base hit. markakis, quinlan on. >> jim: he's running around the field and they had to take him to the hospital. >> gary: nothing like covering every pour in your, pour in your body. he said he was something. >> 2 down. joanne gel a -- joe angel a big golfer. the only guy he played with who drove 2 par course. >> line drive. >> gary: here's gary mathews. has to work his way around this one. 9 hits on the board. runners at first and second. there's two down. matthews applied out and grounded out -- flied out and grounded out. hitting in the number 8 spot. matusz with a chance to get out of this inning without further damage even they there's been 3 hits in the inning. and in the dirt, and a 1-1 count. gary matthews junior will come out of lineup tomorrow. torii hunter will be back. he's on the way, probably here at the ballpark now
1 walk and 1 hit on the ledger for brian matusz, who is trying to win his 3rd game of the year. >> jim: 2-2, weekly hit toward 3rd. fires, got him! so, wigginton gets the man and one down.   so, one down. that is only the 4th ground ball out in this game. so many of these indian hitters see frozen on the first pitch breaking ball. >> buck: everybody goes looking for the fastball and when it goes to curve ball, you take it. then he throws one a little quicker on the outside. >> buck: he can pitch. that has been his background since he first went to college, and he has always been characterized as a guy that really understands how to pitch. we haven't seen that yet here until today. now you see he really has a feel of how to utilize his pitches in combination. >> jim: 0-2. >> buck: and the problem he has prior to today's start, was everything was so inconsistent, he kind of had to search for a formula and put pitches together because he really didn't know where they were going. >>> 1-2 on the indians lead off center man. way up there, off the wall, just
. >> buck: i think you're right. tonight's starter brian matusz has made dramatic strides. matusz is beginning to understand the value of his fastball. last time out against tampa bay, he was very good. 14 strikeouts just three walks necessary last two starts. brian matusz is really starting to get it. you can see what he's done in his first four starts compared to other oriole rookies with the strikeouts. mike mussina leads the way. he and jimmy haynes had 22 strikeouts. there's brian matusz. 20 strikeouts in his first four games and he's cut down the walks sw. he's starting to look comfortable. >> jim: it's interesting tonight. tonight he'll be on the mound and the more experience the pitcher in the game. when we come back, buck will chat with andy macphail. it's the o's-twins on masn. @x  >> jim: orioles baseball on masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by corona and corona light, official sponsors of the time- out. relax responsibly. >> buck: chris tillman was a tough luck loser last night losing 2-1. andy macphail presi
-run home run. for wells, it's number 12 and that was the end of the day for brian matusz i i at&t, the nation's fastest 3g network. at&t, your world delivered. rod barajas will lead off for the jays in the 4th. he is the only blue jay not to bat in the 3rd. the home runs have plagued the orioles all season long, no doubt about that. cito gaston's club, they have players up and down the line-up that can put runs on the board in a hurry with those long balls. 141 home runs now allowed by the orioles. that is the most in the american league. brian bass got the final out at the 3rd. so he is here in the 4th. bar jazz, bautista and scud. high pop foul, out of room. the home runs have hurt the orioles pitching, buck, as the runs have come up in bun. >> buck: they have. you look down in august, 14 home runs, 10 of those solo home runs. the home run impact is having fewer and fewer runners on base when you give them up. they're going to give up home runs. they are young pitchers. they are going to make mistakes. that's a challenge for younger pitchers to come up. big league hitters are
in the 3rd. toronto gets a 3-2 lead. >> rick: brian matusz was up in this inning right there, two home runs on the inning, four runs he gave up right there. this was not as sharp as he was in his first outing right there drop toe takes advantage of iti. >> tom: on the toronto barge continues. >> rick: the second home run of the inning, nice hanger right there, change-up, vernon wells hits it into the upper deck. four runs they score in the inning. they if on to win the game 7-32 brian matusz is now 1-1. roy halladay pitched eight strong innings. over controls are lose it out of 3 to the toronto blue jays. they head back home. let's go out to toronto for more. >> jim: thanks very much. as tom and rick were talking about, when you go against the toronto blue jays, you know your chances are few. you know how to get to him. >> buck: the thing about halladay, you stake him to an early lead, he take advantage of t he had all of his weapons working here today. he had a great curve ball against felix pie. two-seam fastball indoors, inside gets aubrey huff. then another curve ball gets through scott
guthrie and jason berken 2-0, david hernandez, 0-1, and buck martinez, brian matusz on the found? >> yes. his arm got a little early. he like to get a little more depth on the breaking ball. he has had trouble with right- handed hitters, a .402 average. e.r.a. way out of whack compared to the minor leeks, but i think brian that is the finger on what the problem is. >>> so, today it is the finale of the four-game series, as the orioles get ready to take on the indians. line-ups and first pitch are next. wandering around the lobby, yammering about fios tv, internet and phone all for $79.99 a month. she seems crazy. actually, fios customers get that price for six months. it's like getting three services for the price of two. so am i the one that's crazy? no? (announcer) get fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month, plus a free dvr for 3 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v  >> jim: look at that, how beautiful is that, flying right over orioles park in camden yard on this gorgeous sunday afternoon. starting lineup for the indi
into the night against a guy in his third major league start. lackey will pitch well. brian matusz. for a young pitcher to give up 5 runs and get into the 6thinning that was a testimony tonight. >> we go inside to dave trembley his postgame conference. >> he threw a lot of strikes. 100 pitches he threw 30 some balls. kept the ball down, a lot of ground ball outs. we needed a couple hits to get us back in it, and you know, had good at-bats but the hits didn't fall. so that's that. >> you guys had guys up in the pen early, was it important to let matusz pitch out, attempt to the pitch out of that. >> my thoughts were, as long as he was throwing the ball well, you know, his delivery was good. his mound presence was good. i didn't want to see him have a long inning and maybe errors behind him or successive hits. i didn't want the run his pitch count up in that one inning. i think that's where you're guarded. you're guarded with a guy like that, like you would be with any young pitcher. it's important they learn how to pitch out of jams. they are allowed the opportunity to go deep as lodge as they c
wells' two-run home run in the 3rd was on the first pitch that brian matusz threw to him afterrick kranitz went to the mound. and here is alex rios hitting the first pitch that ray threw to him. >> buck: that was cito gaston. that was his philosophy, get a good pitch, look for a fastball early on and let it rip. don't stand up there and give the pitcher a strike or two. >> jim: fouled back. wells and rios are veteran hitters, so they have an idea about what they are looking for and they are following the instincts of their manager who has been in the past the hitting coach as well. 0-2 is a little bit low. >> buck: well, chris ray is anxious to gain more important role down in that bullpen and get more important innings. this would be an obvious step in that direction if he can minimize the damage here, get a ground ball, idealy a comebacker for that old 1-2-3 double play to get him out of that jam. no more damage. >> jim: encarnacione playing in his seventh game since the trade with cincinnati. the other thing that the blue jays have done a good job of is putting the ball into pla
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of greg zaun being traded, both on the team and on the young catcher matt wieters. >>> and brian matusz will have his hands full as he goes against the american league's dominant pitcher in roy halladay. >>> o's orioles o's xtra game brought to you by a t and t. today, matusz takes the mound. for toronto, it is roy halladay. he is 19-4 against the orioles in his career. hello, everybody. tom davis with rick dempsey. welcome to the masn studio, a half hour before the orioles take on the drop toe blue jays. you think about roll halladay -- roy halladay is one of the best pitchers in baseball. what do you think the young oriole pitchers should do? >> rick: i hope they are watching. not only the way he goes about, but how he prepares he wants to go 9 innings every single day. i have seen a manager come to the mound try to take him out with over 120 pitches, and he refuses to leave. that's the kind of toughness that you want to see. i hope that the orioles watch that tonight. >> tom: the orioles get ready for the third and final game. let's go up to toronto and visit with wjz's mark viviano.
and hear from matt wieters about his progress. brian matusz goes for the orioles looking to even the series for the birds. all that and much more coming up in the secretaries -- in the next half hour right here on "o's xtra". welcome to an evening of orioles baseball. it's the orioles-minnesota twins in game two of the three- game series. minnesota beat the birds last night 2-1 for their first win in three tries against the orioles. "orioles xtra" pregame being brought to you by at&t, your world delivered. orioles send brian matusz to the mound tonight. he's 2-2 with 6.75 earned run average. right-hander armando gabino makes his major league debut for the minnesota twins. welcome to our masn studios. tom davis with rick dempsey. tillman pitched 5 2/3 last night. ' a-- allowed a couple of runs. when you see somebody improving, what do you look for out of pitchers improving? >> i think one of the biggest hurdle any young pitcher has to get across once you gets to the major league level is throw his breaking ball over the plate when he is behind in the count. that seems to be the little iffy a
the park. >>> great debut for orioles pitcher brian matusz. as the orioles beat the tigers last night. brian allowed a run, six hits and five innings. also a big night offensively by caesar who played great in the field. markakis also homered this one. the orioles win 8-2 but the story of the day, matusz, justin berk. >> way back. >>> 6:53. we've been abuzz about the big marlin they caught. 93.5 pounds at the white marlin open in ocean city. the largest white marlin since 1980. great conditions down there. they've had some fog yesterday, big crowds. erupting during the afternoon. then off the beach, 75 degrees, at rehoboth, looks like the early walkers on the boardwalk itself. maybe they should call it the board jog. 75, a little sticky. here in town, sunny to partly cloudy skies. 76. and a bit foggy once you get outside the beltway and in some of the locations north and west. today, steamy, 85 with storms develop. most likely after 2:00, 3:00 and that could go through this evening and into tonight. low 70s. 83 tomorrow. chance of showers, especially near baltimore, south and east rol
between an old school veteran and a new kid on the block. brian matusz in the second league start. right here, scootero had a home run. blue jays, 8 and he allowed two runs off of 9 hit answer he struck out four. now, in the second inning, the o's send a shot in the second corner and the o's take a 2-1 lead and it's 6-3 baltimore before the former o, now the bird of another doll -- color and he scores and they take 2 of 3 and oakland and anaheim tomorrow. elsewhere, i scream, we all scream for ice cream in kansas city. they were robbed by the royal's betten court and great dives and a flip and oakland heading to baltimore tomorrow. they beat kc. >>> ravens camp, westminster maryland where nothing significant occurred outside of the sunday practice. >> we have guys out there, and it's going well. you hear stuff like you're watching the harmmy movies and then, you get those, you get those holes and the opens, and that's the biggest part, being with the ones. they know how to get out there. >> that's the line backer gooden. >> and finally at watkins glen new york. it didn't happen. and than
away from the middle of the plate with these guys. >> so brian matusz on the mound. >> his debut was a great day. he used all the pitches, changes speed. went 5 inning, gave up one earned run. gave up 6 hits in the first outing. he showed what we have down in the minor league. 4 steps in one year. a, double-a, triple-a and the big league only an hour and a half away. he's done a very good job. his record on the season is 12 and 3 as it stands. what a fantastic year. >> matusz faces john lackey in his 225th. >> he's one of the hottest pitchers around. don't mean he's one of best looking guys you will look at but one of the hottest pitchers on the mound. since july 8th he's number one in the major league with a .180. he threw 131 pitches in his last outing. 6 2/3 innings is all they went. he gave up 8 hits and lost the ball game. he's out here for long haul. this guy was cruising till he threw 131. he's a horse. >>> game 2 of the series, o's look at the back-to-back wins. what's the key of the game. >> remind melvin the angels are in town. he has a career batting average of .321 ag
pitching match- up with brian matusz making his second start against former cy young award winner roy halladay. and monday night at 7:00. an afternoon game on wednesday. that will be on masn hd. >> gary: izturis grounded out his first time up and shows bunt. charging in at third, encarnacion looking down to third, and john shelby, to see whoa a bunt, hit and run or something is on here. 0-1 count. the 0-1 delivery on the way and izturis will take it away, and romero aone ball, one strike count. the orioles getting a lead-off man on. they had a lead-off man in the fourth, but they could not convert it to a run. izturis down to third, foul, 1- 2. >> buck: caesar izturis hitting against jarrod washburn tuesday batting as a right-handed hitter, he had a couple of hits in that game, including a double. he had three rbi's. >> buck: the breaking ball hung up very high and izturis evens the count up, to ballsened two strikes. bishop as talented as system of these young pitchers are, you can see how they make mistakes. romero walking wieters on an off-speed pitch. he is up by three. if wieters
multihit game. or brian matusz who didn't have his best stuff left with the lead and kept his team in the game. text your vote now. have your voice heard a, b or c to 51862. strike one to orlando cabrera who backed out to get a look at that fastball. cabrera drove in a run with the bases-loaded walk in the six ts inning. whack to the -- back to the screen. a little low. ball two. 2-1 the count. bounced toward the hole. izturis, long throw across. out at first base. what a play by izturis! cabrera is gunned down from as deep in the hole as you're going to get. what a play by izturis. quick throw gets it across and in an eyelash gets the call at first.   >> jim: orioles baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. hope your next trip at -- book your next trip at get some cotton candy while you're at it. what a play by cesar izturis, but did he get him? let's take a look. there's the freeze. >> buck: look at the ball just outside of the glove with the foot on the bag at first base. orioles got a break right there. >> jim: the call
virginia tech in november is sold out. >>> and finally, brian matusz is on the mound tonight. the rookie has struck out 20 in just over 18 games since being called up from aa earlier this season. highlights of that gym tonight at 11. that's your sports. back to you. >> thanks, rob. >>> let's take another look. a beautiful evening at the inner harbor tonight, courtesy of our harbor cam. let's take a look at something that is not so beautiful. this enormous backup on route 50 going eastbound at sandy point. earlier tonight, maybe about an hour and a half, or close to two hours ago, there was an accident on the bay bridge. so trying to avoid that area if you can. norm will be back with the forecast in just a moment. our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. pa announcer: final boarding call... all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at >>> we have some breaking news to tell you about now. four manholes in downt
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for orioles pitcher brian matusz as the orioles beat the tigers 8-2. he was the fourth overall pick in last year's draft. it was a big night offensively as well for caesar and nick markakis, orioles win 8-2 but brian gives us hope this morning. >>> bad news from ravens training camp. adam terry will be placed on injured reserve. his right knee needs more surgery. he had surgery in the offseason but hasn't taken part in training camp. the coach says terry will probably miss the entire season. no coming up here on "good morning maryland" - >> some parents try to keep towson catholic high school open once again. i'm sherrie johnson. more on a hearing that is coming up. >>> and outside now, 71 degrees. justin berk will be back with the forecast. >>> 5:05. let's look at the trains and buses. good morning, mark. >> good morning. for the commute start, number 44 with a diversion at falls and northern parkway due to a watermain break repair. the number 8 bus running 15 minutes late. the number 21 taking a diversion at pennsylvania and dawson. watermain break there too. the 17 still dwurt diverted
out of 9 of his last game. he's been good tonight. brian maltoses will go home and say i -- matusz will say i wish i didn't do this. this is baseball. the angels have a great offense and took advantage. tell you what it's a good start. it's hard the say, that 7 strike out. all the walks happened in that inning and he has to be proud he didn't throw up the white towel. >> gary: he had good hitters like abreu and guererro looking at him with the look of respect. especially abreu. he had a lot of hitters fooled. >> jim: he lost his command. every time lack eaton seems like he -- lackey tonight needs an out. he got a strike out or pop-up whatever. this guy, 98 lifetime wins and brian matusz has one. it's not on paper a fair match up and the better offense as we talked about morales pinch hitting and going out for defense. all in all not a bad evening format azine -- for matusz matusz. not like you want to turn it off and on. he's been pitching so well. the guy that was hurt the first 6 weeks. not that it's easy but does not look difficult with the kind of stuff he had tonight. roberts
. he will be the eighth oriole to play his first game in the makes this year. he's pitcher brian matusz, starting against the tigers in detroit, less than a year after signing his first pro contract. he follows tillman to the mound. he pitched in his second big league game last night through six innings against the tigers, a game the orioles lost. he gave up the home run to cabrera. there are growing pains that is part of the youth movement. >> the process to get where you're going isn't always peaches and cream. it's somewhat a bumpy road. there have been no hidden agendas. there's been no false pretenses. it's been all about trying to get as many good young players as we can and trying to attract as pane pieces as we can and look at where our needs are and go forward. >> the os first-round draft pick of last year pitching tonight. the catcher was the rookie's first round pick in 2007. facing jarrod washburn. >>> football now, more injuries for the ravens, receiver mark clayton may be out for a couple weeks with a hamstring injury. and on the offensive line the season is over for adam
and ricky romero has an outstanding changeup, something we saw from brian matusz on tuesday. the young pitchers have already polished the pitch that really sets up the fastball. >> gary: he is 24 years old. he has won his last three starts, and we're ready to go. brian roberts stands in. he will take the strike, and we are underway. the dome is open for the ballgame tonight. and it has been such a beautiful day here in toronto. really no need at all to even think about closing it. 0-1 delivery and that is a strike on the outside corner. and he is giving romero the early calls on the corn es. that will help both of these pitchers, if, in fact, they stay that way tonight. roberts is 3-5 often of romero. left-hander. that one will be fouled back. 68 degrees at game time tonight. the ball tends not to travel as far when it is open as it does when it is closed. >> buck: there has always been a lot of discussion about that, and when this roof is open, sometimes that wind will catch up on the roof and shoot the wind right back toward home plate. >> gary: brian roberts, he laces that one into
tillman goes against james sauers, the ballgame tomorrow night. brian matusz and justin masterson will make the start on sunday. 7:05 first pitch tomorrow. 1:35 sunday. way inside to markakis. we want to remind you that tomorrow's game will be seen on wjz in the baltimore area, and masn 2 in the d.c. area. one ball, two strike delivery. markakis towards the middle. knocked down. valbuena up and inside. fine effort by the second baseman, but an infield hit by markakis. >> buck: nick out of the box as he always does. he pulled the ball to the right side and that gives him a running start and a good effort by valbuena who is up to his feet quickly with the throw not in time to get markakis. the levy side, he has his momentum going towards the bag coming out of the box and that allows him to beat the throw on a fine defensive play by valbuena. markakis getting the bet other after second baseman on that one, but a fine effort. valbuena couldn't have done anymore. here is melvin mora. he has struck out, flied out, 4- 14 lifetime off carmenna. the pitch stays out in front. he blocked it.
pitcher on the mount for the birds. will be brian mat matusz. he will be opposed by armando gabino. >>> finally, big trade in baseball today. all-star closer, billy wagner on his way to the mets to the boston red sox. he is a real good pitcher. and they expect a lot of him. highlights from the orioles coming up tonight at 11:00. and a whole lot more. >> absolutely. >> we'll be right back. >>> just a reminder, be sure to tune in to the cbs crimetime lineup. it's another episode of the mentalist. >>> welcoming all types of visitors. lizards, designed to take over one of the city's parks. this is the wrong video. those are the folks who are living in the nursing home. but those who -- here's the video. they don't mind people sharing the space. park official says a well- stocked fish pond is good for the reptiles. >>> and finally tonight, it was a very special day for two arizona women, both of whom were over 100 years old. the two residents celebrated their birgsds together. the elder of the two women you saw just a few moments ago, turned 104. the other turned 100. >>> good for tonig
. despite the efforts of pitcher brian matis. matusz. >>> runs down the fly ball and snatches it out of the sky. later, bottom 9, tie scored at 6 apiece. until young scores a walkoff. and the twins beat the orioles, 7-6. orioles have lost 27 of 38 games since the all-star break. pro football now. number 97, defensive tackle, kelly gregg, hurt his shoulder in monday night's win. number 82, pulled his left hamstring during that same game. and number 64, offensive tackle cousins, wearing a boot. he ought to play saturday against the panthers. now, as for the battle, steve seemingly over the edge of this guy. rocky grant gano. right against new york. but you know what? this guy can tackle real good, too. conversely, pashka has converted all three of his kicks this exhibition season. >> we're not just competing for this spot. there's 31 other teams out there. but we'll compete for every one of those positions. >> i'm not really focused on the competition. i think i've done a pretty good job. had a couple of kickoff lows, which i'd like to have those back. i think i've been doing pretty we
last night. brian gave up -- matusz gave up five runs. i'm pete gilbert. see you back here at 6:00. >> purple tie? teaming up with the maryland lottery, the ravens. jennifer franciotti is all over it. >> at ravens training camp, the maryland lottery launches its new promotion. >> the only $5 scratch off we offer a $1 million prize. we've never done that before. >> you can also win signed autographs, signed footballs, and that is only the beginning. >> season tickets for life. 20 years. they are yours to do with. you're on the team plane, traveling, you know, all the amenities afforded to the team, all the food, the hotel, tickets to the game. it will be a great experience for the fan. >> the baltimore ravens are thrilled to be teaming up with the maryland lottery. it gives teams a chance to -- all over the state. >> cash prizes. >> i won $5? >> yes. >> oh, i won $5 slam >> to win the ravens' prizes you have to scratch off extra boxes on the card. >> it is a high-reward scratchoff. we're giving a lot back on this. >> let yourself play ravens style. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11
, what happens is, in talking to brian matusz who now has two starts, he said, i learned more than i learned in the minor leagues in two starts up here, because this is the best. david hernandez, tonight he's shown me, i can take a little bit off my curveball, i can take a little off my change-up, i can add and subtract from my fastball. it's all about getting your innings. and feel comfortable. they've only got them three runs. your second half, gonzalez has been the best of them. that is in one game i guess where he gave up 10 earned runs. >> gary: pennington has flied out twice in the ballgame. hernandez, the two homers and a rajai davis double in the first inning the extra-base hits off him. that's going to be towards the gap in left center. pennington is on with a single. comes at two down here in the 7th and we'll turn the order over to kennedy at the top. >> jim: you have to remember the last at-bat. you didn't make a bad pitch. dave trembley is going to come out and make a pitching change. the last time kennedy went out and got that fastball down and away and homered to right
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